Trails of Africa at a Glance

Trails of Africa Tours and Safaris Ltd; is a full Destination Management Company offering reliable, competitive professional holiday services to Eastern and Southern Africa region. Our Purpose is to handle every detail of your travel and holiday. Sorting through the vast options available and finding you that dream holiday that fulfills your holiday needs and with value for your money is our commitment to you. Hence we save you from the hassles, uncertainty, and inconvenience that comes with you having to do it all by yourself.

We specialize in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. Our success is based on our knowledge of the destinations we sell, combined with the reliability, creativity and dedication of our team. To us each tourist is unique, that is why we offer a specifically tailored package for each group, based on customer-focus approach, personal attention and thoughtful suggestions.

History of the owners:

The company is run by John Gakinya and Maureen Kariuki with the invaluable support of a wonderful team of travel experts eager to plan your next safari.

John Gakinya

John the managing director has over 14 years’ experience in the Travel and Tourism industry. Having pursued a bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management, he was privileged to work with both private sector and Government. Under the Kenyan Government, John has worked in the Ministry of Tourism, Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) and Kenya Wildlife Management (KWS). In the private sector, John has worked for Woodside Energy of Australia as well as a number of Destination Management Companies and a few hotels at the Kenyan coast of Mombasa before setting up Trails of Africa.  His vast experience in the industry ensures better running of Trails of Africa. He is well traveled and knowledgeable.

Maureen Kariuki

Maureen the Head of Operations and Logistics, has a degree in Financial Management and has worked in three different financial institutions before working for two Destination Management Companies. On a daily basis, Maureen ensures your hotels are paid in time, rooms are blocked and confirmed, your invoices are correctly done and the vehicles are running and in good condition for your next safari. Together they lead a team of wonderful dedicated travel experts who go an extra mile to ensure that clients have safaris that are worthwhile. They organize trips and customize them in accordance to the clients’ preference from the affordable trips to the most luxurious.



Our Travel Experts Team

 .…….a team keen on every detail of your holiday!

After dreaming, planning and paying for a holiday, all you want is a unique, memorable, flawless experience. Our team is made up of committed, adventurous and highly experienced personnel, many of whom have been in the industry for many years. The creative nature of our team ensures your holiday has a positive surprise element. Our success is based on our knowledge of the destinations we sell, combined with the reliability, creativity and dedication. To us, each is unique, that is why we offer a specifically tailored package for each group, based on customer-focus approach, personal attention and thoughtful suggestions. We guarantee you expert advice and assistance in holiday planning, efficient and timely itinerary building, and professional and reliable customer service from our tour guides, all of whom have traveled extensively throughout this wonderful region of the world.

pc-walking-with-giraffe-copyOur Safari Guides

…More than just a guide…your personal travel companion…..
At Trails of Africa Tours and Safaris Ltd, our guests are the most important people. However besides our guests, our safari driver-guides are equally very important us. Why you may ask?

When you take a trip with us, most of your time will be spent with your driver-guide. His passion for his job, his knowledge of nature, his driving ability and – most of all – his personality will be key factors in making sure that your safari or trip is memorable.

It is through his trained eyes that you will best see and understand the wonders of nature that you are witnessing; through the sharing of his knowledge that you will get a real feeling for the East African wildlife, landscape, culture and its friendly people.

That’s why we take great care in selecting our driver-guides. Knowing their job is simply not enough for us to employ someone as a driver-guide. They must love the land, the animals, the culture and the people and be able to share that love with all our visitors. They must go about their work with a genuine smile and a sense of humour. We have driver-guides who speak English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. All our guides are family friendly with good know on how to handle kids while on safari.

We employ and strive to retain only the best in the industry; those with expert knowledge in wildlife, culture, history and other areas of tourist interest. The driver-guides are continually under training on customer service, client’s safety, wildlife and general knowledge.

Our guides are registered with the Professional Guides Association and apart from being experts at wildlife identification and behavior; they have ample knowledge on each destinations’ flora and fauna as well as the region’s history and the way of life and culture of the local people.

Our experienced tour guides have always ensured that your yesterday is different from today and leaves you yearning for tomorrow.

img-20160625-wa0003Our Safari Vehicles

…..…Safety, priceless exclusivity and luxury

Both 4×4 Jeeps/Landcruisers and Safari Vans:

Trails of Africa Tours and Safaris Ltd has a fleet of custom designed safari vehicles. You have a choice of either 4×4, safari vans or buses. The buses are usually used during city tours, conferences and airport transfers. The 4×4 and safari vans are used for the actual safari since they can transverse the terrains of Africa. They have special rooftops which ensure better game viewing and very good photography.

Details of our Safari Vehicles:

  • Besides routine maintenance, all our vehicles are checked after every safari to ensure they are fit for the next safari.
  • Our 4×4 Landcruisers (Jeeps) and safari vans have custom designed rooftop that opens up for Game viewing and photography
  • The vehicles have both long and short radio frequencies for efficient communication of the drivers while on safari.
  • In the vehicle you will find seat belts on every seat, a cool box containing bottled water, a first aid kit, binoculars and safari related reference materials (bird guide, animals guide etc)
  • Our clients are all guaranteed window seats to ensure better viewing.
  • They all have enough leg room and luggage rack.
  • A number of our 4×4 Landcruisers have FREE WIFI which enables clients to keep in touch with their families and friend while on safari and share their safari moments instantly.
  • Most of our 4×4 vehicles are also fitted with charging sockets which ensures your cameras and phones are fully charged throughout the safari.


Our Communication Network:

We are well equipped with state-of-the-art radio communication machines and 24hours mobile phones that facilitate contacts with our drivers while they are out there in the bush with our clients. All vehicles are also fitted with long range two way radio communication system interlinked for constant bush to base communication. Our drivers also have mobile Phones thus ensuring an unmatched support network in the region.

katoFinancial Bonding Scheme under KATO

Trails of Africa Tours and Safaris Ltd is a member of Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO Membership No FE: 536) Bonding Scheme and therefore backed by a leading insurance company, to ensure your payments are fully protected. Therefore our overseas agents and clients can rest assured that their funds and client’s travel plans with us are safe and well insured. KATO is Kenya’s leading Tourism Trade Associations and represents the interests of over 250 of the most experienced and professional tour operators in Kenya. As a member of KATO, our activities and service standards are guided and regulated by the KATO Code of Conduct to ensure we offer you nothing but the best.
KATO Kenya