Chobe National park

: Chobe National park
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Chobe National Park
A flagship national park, Chobe National Park has huge amounts of big game. The Chobe Riverfront in the north is easily accessible and stunning, although busy. Further south, Savuti is a magical spot for mobile safaris.

The Chobe National Park covers about 11,700km² of the northern Kalahari, much of it impenetrable thorn bush growing on deep sand. This is an old safari area. Livingstone visited it in the 1850s, as have countless big-game hunters since. It’s famous for huge herds of elephant and buffalo, and large prides of lion that have learnt to hunt them; for a river that apparently flows both ways; and for the mysterious, disappearing (and reappearing) Savuti Channel.

Chobe is the heart of elephant country and here you have an opportunity to spend many hours watching the huge herds in and around the waters of the Chobe River. Northern Chobe has beautiful scenery and magnificent sunsets, with a large variety of bird and animal life. The Chobe National Park is renowned for its concentration of buffalo and elephant and the late afternoon in particular, provides spectacular viewing. Lion are often seen. Game viewing by boat along the Chobe River can be spectacular, especially May-November in the dry season.

Botswana’s Tourist Attractions
Botswana may rank among Africa’s most exclusive destinations. There are more elephants in Botswana than any other country, the big cats roam free and there’s everything from endangered African wild dogs to aquatic antelopes, from rhinos making a comeback to abundant birdlife at every turn. This is also the land of the Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Desert, at once iconic African landscapes and vast stretches of wilderness. This land-locked country was the casting home numerous films such as The Cry of the Kalahari, the hilarious feature film, The Gods Must Be Crazy, feature stories in National Geographic and numerous documentaries all of which have given Botswana international recognition as a top safari destination.