Business Support Services

Business Support Services

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  • Accommodation
  • Local Travel
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  •  Office Relocation
  • Storage Facilities
  • Office Equipment Movement
  • Licensing Support
  • Staff recruitment
  • Office Furniture
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Business Relocation services

Moving in to Africa?  We will be here to welcome you. With us, you have reliability in the new environment. Relocation can be tricky but with us, you are well covered in that area. It does not matter if you are moving from another continent into Africa or from one end of Africa to another we are here for you.

Supporting your relocation;

  • Cargo handling; we will handle the cargo coming into or out of any port of entry/exit in any of the Africa countries.
  • Storage facilities; Are you leaving town and you need storage (short term or long-term?), we will ensure the safety of your items while you are away.
  • Offices Relocation; when the time comes for you to move office from one location to the other, we will be there to look for the new location, move the furniture/equipment and set you up in the new location.

Business Setup

Africa is ever growing; it is the world’s new business hub. With new businesses being set up and existing ones relocating to Africa every day, we are here to make the whole process easier.

Supporting your Business Entry to Africa

  • Location; we help you identify a good location in relation to your line of work, budget and space required.
  • Government regulations; with our team of professionals, you will be given the advice and support needed to meet the government regulations in line with your industry.
  • Office furniture and equipment; we provide the furniture you need and any other equipment which you will need for the smooth set up and operation of your business.
  • Staff Recruitment; once everything is up, we will look for the staff you need to start of your business operations.
  • Meeting and events; with our vast knowledge in our beautiful continent, we will organize your meetings and set up conferences and events for you.
  • Mobility: Your local daily travel is also well organized. If you want self drive or chauffeur services all will be made available.

Business Advisory and Assistance

We at Trails of Africa believe that for any business to flourish there must be a team of professionals backing it. This becomes even more necessary in a new territory where the business landscape may be totally different from what we are used to.

Trails of Africa will assist in legal, practical and cultural aspects of setting up a business in Africa. We have a team of professional lawyers, auditors, consultants among others. The team handles all the government regulations. We make business in East Africa easy to run. Trails of Africa will handle the legal and audit issues.

Advice and assistance;

  • Professional guidance; this is where Trails of Africa steps in to provide you with the legal, governance, practical and cultural assistance needed in a new land. With a team of professional lawyers, auditors, consultants, guides among others, your landing in new territory has never been easier.
  • Office assistance; we make business in East Africa easy to set up and run. We also handle your office errands like deliveries, office supplies until when you are comfortable to handle them yourself.
  • Office Errands: We also do office errands like delivery of parcels, office supplies among others.

Our Local Support Services to your Personnel

For settling staff and expatriates coming into the region, we offer the following support services to them and their families:

  1. Assistance in locating the best doctors,
  2. Scouting for and locating the best houses to let or buy.
  3. Purchasing of household goods and household shopping.
  4. If you are here with your family, we will help you in scouting for and locating the best schools for your kids.
  5. Reconnaissance trips to the regions can also be arranged for you before you settle in East Africa.
  6. Providing chauffeur services of your children and spouse.

General Support Services

Trails of Africa will offer you all the support you need. We will help you locate the best doctors, we will scout houses and find one that will suit your needs, purchasing of household goods, household shopping, If you are here with your family, we will help you search for schools for your children.  Reconnaissance trips of your surrounding area will be done. Chauffeur services of your children and spouse is also available.