Dar Es Salaam City Tour

National museum: The Museum is just close to the State house and in the museum you will find Dr. Leakey’s findings from Olduvai Gorge including the skull of Nutcracker man (Zinjanthropus bosei) and other human fossils are displayed. The Museum have many items that were used in the olden days by various tribes in Tanzania including collection of tribal ornaments, head-dresses, witch-craft paraphernalia and traditional musical instruments collected from various regions in Tanzania. Also found in the museum is the history of Tanzania leaders during the colonial era, information of the notorious slave traders and also displays of the various items used during the early trade along the East African Coast.

Village museum: This museum is found along Bagamoyo Road just some kilometers from the city center and has the collection of traditional constructed houses of various Tanzanian tribes. Inside this houses the client will have a chance to see the inside architectural designs of the various houses belonging to the different tribes we have in Tanzania. Clients can also have a chance of buying some of the wood carving displayed by the vendors in this market. Clients have also a chance to be entertained by the traditional dancers.
The slipway: This is one of the best places to visit in Dar es Salaam and is in the Msasani Penisulla. Clients can have a chance to buy woodcarving, local garment, ornaments and many other items displayed in the market stalls and in shops. Some restaurants are also here at slipway where clients can order local and international dishes. Its one of the best places to visit especially for clients who is waiting to catch their night flights back home.

Historical Buildings: In Dar es Salaam City centre clients will have a chance to see the old building like churches that were built by the first missionaries as they still stand very firm up to date. If it’s a weekend clients can also join other worshipers as they have their Sunday Masses. This includes the Luther man church just next to New Africa Hotel and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church just opposite the ferry terminal.

Kariakoo market: This is one main market here in Dar es salaam where local people comes to sell their farm produce including fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh food, local textile material an many other locally made products. It’s one of the busiest markets here in Dar es Salaam and is just next to the Dar es Salaam’s central business district.

The Fish Market:This is the busiest fish markets we have in Dar es Salaam where most fishermen come after their fishing expedition to sell their catch in wholesale. The client has also the chance to meet the corrie shell vendors who displays so many varieties of Corrie Shells that are found along the Tanzania Indian ocean coastline with collections from far as Mafia Island. Clients can have a chance to buy some of the shells which are not prohibited for sale.