Family Safaris

…….custom built not custom fit…….

Every so often we ought to take a breather, to remember what is important to us and that is family. With the busy day to day life it is so easy to have life pass you by. Take a moment with your loved ones to enjoy our family safaris. The safari will only last a couple of days but the memories will stay with you and your family till the oceans dry. At the end of the safari you will have bonded like never before and kept the flame in all your relationships burning for some time.

Children on Safari:

Visiting Africa with your children could be one of the most interesting, fun and educational holidays you ever take as a family. There are obviously many factors, including certain restrictions, to take into account when considering family safari holidays, but in general we are very enthusiastic about family safaris. We have the expert knowledge and understanding to ensure you and your children’s expectations of Africa are met and exceeded. Our family safaris are crated with family in mind and they offer fantastic lodges and hotels that are family friendly and offer lots of activities for all ages.

Taking private family safari to Africa requires the support of a savvy safari expert and that is where we come in. We use our firsthand travel experience and destination knowledge to tailor-make your family vacation. We always ensure we match the action to your family’s energy levels and make sure the choice of lodges, destinations, activities, menus and meal times suit every family member…even your fussiest eater is well taken care of in our planning.

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Honeymoon Vacations

……The African romantic getaway…

Let her know how much she means to you, let him kiss you as the wind brushes through your faces, let our African drum bits and dancers escort the bride. East and Southern Africa has everything you could want in a honeymoon: romance, adventure, luxury, stunning scenery and beautiful beaches, it makes for a truly honeymoons destination. We ensure every detail is carefully planned and executed. A romantic bush wedding and a honeymoon in the heart of the dramatic alluring mystical Africa…truly something authentic to write home about… the epitome of luxury ,splendor and endless pleasure

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