Honeymoon Vacations

6Days Jambo Africa Safari-3Star

Enjoy a 6days safari combining the serene beauty of Aberdares where Birds are not only plentiful, but dazzling we then visit the rare Olpajeta ranch to view Chimpanzees before further heading North to the contrast and rare beauty that is Samburu Game Reserve. We finish our safari in Masai Mara searching Big


7Days Horizon Trails Safari Std

This safari explores the Northern and Southern Hemisphere of Kenya which has different animals. After the city tour, we move to the unexploited Samburu Game Reserve up North full of rare species. We then cross to Southern Hemisphere with its rich birdlife in Lake Nakuru National Park and finally we toss our glasses at Masai Mara; the home of Wildebeest Migration for a well spent holiday


8Days of Untamed Africa Safari

This safari takes us to Aberdares the land of fortune and diversity, Samburu the land of fauna and flora and walk alongside herds of buffalo and giraffe. Lake Nakuru offers you rich birdlife while Lake Naivasha is our relaxing stop over for Boatride and bird-watching before heading to Masai Mara for wildebeest migration


9Days Karibu Kenya Safari-3Star

Explore the world’s most magnificent wildlife parks; find several endemic Northern species, including Gerenuk, the Reticulated Giraffe, and Grevy’s Zebra in Samburu thrilling adventure spiced up with Wildebeest Migration when vast herds of gnus and Zebras roar through the park bringing in its trail a wake of predators


Lapped by the Indian Ocean, straddling the equator, and with Mount Kenya rising above a magnificent landscape of forested hills, patchwork farms and wooded savanna, Kenya is a richly rewarding place to travel. Great historical figures such as Theodore Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway immortalized this country. Out of Africa and other films have romanticized and perpetuated the safari mystique.

Globally recognized as the home of safari, Kenya has abundant wildlife and one of the most diversely majestic landscapes on the continent. Lodge safaris are generally less expensive here than in Tanzania. Flying, mobile tented, walking and horseback safaris also are available. Many of the private reserves cater to a maximum of 12-24 guests in luxury accommodations and offer activities not allowed within the parks, such as open vehicles, night game drives and escorted walks.

In the national parks you may view game in vehicles with roof hatches or poptops. Booking a safari with a private vehicle and guide is a great way to maximize the quality of your game-viewing experience. Other activities include hot air ballooning, mountaineering, scuba diving, freshwater and deep sea fishing, and relaxing at beach resorts.

Kenya’s wild life habitat is considerable and includes the Masai Mara, an area of animal migration. Africa’s “Big Five” animals are found in the country, which are the leopard, rhinoceros, lion, elephant, and buffalo. The national parks and reserves are also home to numerous other animals as well as reptiles and birds. The annual migration between June and September is a popular event for filmmakers.

Kenya lies across the equator in East-Central Africa, on the coast of the Indian Ocean. Kenya shares some of its tourism resources with Tanzania (Masai Mara-Serengeti ecosystem) and also with Uganda on Mount Elgon. Lake Victoria is shared between Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. The capital and commercial City is Nairobi. There are over 40 different ethnic groups in Kenya. Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa and the country takes its name from the mountain.

Kenya’s National Parks and Game Reserves:…Each new day leads to new experience…
If any country in the world would boast of God’s creation all enclosed in its boundaries:-diverse sceneries, ancient granitic hills, desert, landscapes and coral reefs and islets, diverse wildlife, good al year round climate, history and different cultures, then Kenya is that country. Ever since the very first African safari, Kenya has been synonymous with the world’s greatest creatures “Big Five” besides an abundance of spectacular scenery and inspiring views to behold. From our coastal shores, where you are spoilt with pristine white sandy beaches and a warm temperate climate all year round to the Great Rift Valley scattered with lakes, scarps, volcanoes and craters, you will relish in the spectacle of millions of flamingos in the world famous Lake Nakuru. Each day offers our visitors a new experience and you can never predict what new discovery awaits you every morning as you kick off your day.