Hwange National Park

Hwange is Zimbabwe’s largest national park and is famous for its large herds of elephant. Predominant species also include rhino, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, lion, wild dog and bat-eared fox. This is one of the best parks on the continent to see sable antelope.

The park ranges from semi-desert in the south to a plateau in the north. The northern part of Hwange is mudstone and basalt, and the southern part is Kalahari sand veld. The park has an average altitude of 3,300 feet. Winter nights can be cold, and summer days can be over 90°F, while average temperatures range from 65 to 83°F. The wilderness area of Makalolo/Linkwasha in the southeastern part of the park is excellent for seeing a great variety of game

There are no rivers and only a few streams in the north of the park, but waterholes (fed by wells) provide sources of water year-round for wildlife. During the dry season, these permanent water holes (pans) provide an excellent stage for guests to view wildlife performing day-to-day scenes of survival.