Mana Pools National Park

The park covers a section of the Middle Zambezi Valley, extending from the Zambezi River in the north to the escarpment in the south. The Zambezi Valley is a western extension of the Great Rift Valley. The Pools of Mana are lakes that mark former courses of the Zambezi. They are refilled by the swollen river during the rains and are home to populations of hippo, crocodiles and birds. During the summer months, shortages of food and water force the animals back towards the Zambezi River. This is prime time to game view for elephant, buffalo, waterbuck, and other species including eland, lion, leopard and hyena.

Wildlife is excellent in the area, and there is diverse game activities offered, including wildlife-viewing drives in 4×4 vehicles, boats, canoes, and fishing. Daily nature walks are available with a professional guide. Kudu, zebra, impala and waterbuck can be seen on the surrounding plains, and elephant take advantage of the plentiful Albida (Ana) trees in the area. Predators including lion, wild dog, leopard, and cheetah, are often sighted, and large concentrations of buffalo can be found along the river’s edges. Bird watching tends to be very good, with the river attracting large numbers of waterbirds.